Corporate Policy

Respect for Humanity - Coexistence and Co-prosperity

President’s Message

TLS has developed a corporate culture whereby we can respond to diversifying global business, and sophisticated logistics needs, steadily developing and expanding as a comprehensive logistics company with the vision of always being one step ahead.
We constantly strive with all our might to provide optimal logistics that is fast, economical, safe, and reliable in order to build relationships of trust with our customers.
With the upheavals in the economic environment, in response to the needs of today, TLS has quickly built a supply chain management (SCM) system capable of integrating management from manufacturer to user.
Furthermore, we have actively developed third party logistics (3PL) that can take comprehensive responsibility for the functions of customers’ logistics divisions, from planning, through to operation, management, and reform. Through our logistics strategy, we strive with all our effort to provide strong support to create new corporate value for our customers and to boost their market competitiveness.
In addition, we are aware of our corporate responsibility to preserve the global environment, and drive initiatives to tackle this as one of our key corporate challenges.
Moving forward, Toyotsu Logistics will continue to propose optimal logistics solutions to customers, while keeping in step with the changing times.