Development of our logistics system

Development of our unique TLS logistics system

The most important challenge for manufacturers in management strategy is the organization of supply chain management (SCM) to manage information from procurement of raw materials through to the sale of products, and to achieve optimal supply.

As a leader in third party logistics (3PL) providing comprehensive logistics functions, we have developed our own unique SCM system.
Based upon this, we provide unified management and administration for all operations of our customers’ logistics divisions.

Reducing costs for customers’ logistics

We provide powerful support for the “just in time” production system, comprehensively managing inventory, order receipt/issuance, transportation, logistics processing, and information processing.
We are driving optimal supply for customers incorporating shorter delivery times, cost-cutting, and inventory reduction while maintaining high quality.

Establishment of the TLS-developed vendor-to-vendor logistics system

In imports and exports for auto component manufacturers, we strive to deploy SCM and have established a unique vendor-to-vendor logistics system.
We are advancing small-lot, high-frequency delivery and shorter delivery times from Japanese components manufacturers to user bases in Japan and overseas.