Packaging and assembly service

A Vender-to-Vender mother center for overseas integrating IT and LT

Integrated receipt and packaging of components from various component manufacturers in Japan.
Products bound for the same destination are consolidated in containers for shipping.
This enables small-lot and high-frequency delivery for manufacturers, and reduces the delivery times for customers, as well as reducing customs procedures and transportation costs.

Establishment of the TLS-developed vendor-to-vendor logistics system

We have established the warehouse management system (WMS) we developed, and leverage our links with the front line to facilitate an optimal logistics system.


We implement the following measures to ensure high standards:

1. Establishing optimal packaging specifications

Deliberation on packaging specifications

Through standardization of packaging procedures and unification of packaging specifications, we have reduced costs while maintaining high quality.
When exporting, by applying standard specifications to the size of containers used for export materials (inner boxes and outer containers), we improve the transportation efficiency of logistics and reduce packaging costs.

2. Packaging plans for improved efficiency

Packaging line

We standardize work processes through packaging procedures based on planning.

3. Reduction of warehouse space required at final delivery destination

Standardization of our daily inward deliveries contributes to a reduction of local warehouse space requirements.