International multimodal transportation service

We propose optimal international multimodal transport with door-to-door service

We offer competitive logistics costs thanks to the volume of the Toyota Tsusho Group. In addition, though our many contractors and agreements with major distributors in Japan and overseas, we provide a diverse and reliable regular shipping schedule.

Toyotsu Logistics' proposed international multimodal transport scheme

Through the TLS network and warehouse functions in Japan and overseas, we combine the benefits of sea, air, and land (road and rail) transportation to propose the optimal logistic solutions to customers' needs. We take our customers' cargo from door to door quickly, economically, safely, and reliably.
(We also create tailor-make solutions to provide added-value logistics through combination with services including warehouse storage, inspection, and re-packaging)

Supporting customer sales by leveraging our Group network

We support customers' sales beyond merely logistics by leveraging the Toyota Tsusho Group and our overseas network.
Furthermore, we offer customers optimal commercial logistics by providing them with information on the significant changes taking place in the global environment, and international logistical information.

Overseas network

We also assist in equipment logistics for the launch of overseas production bases

We can respond to a wide range of our customers' wishes when they are launching production at overseas bases, including equipment and production material logistics, and shipping arrangement at the time of equipment replacement.

<Example proposal>

  • Logistics from packaging through to installation of equipment
  • Production material logistics
  • Logistics which can deliver right to the line, in accordance with our customers' wishes
  • Product logistics
  • Logistics whereby we deliver to our customers' business partners
  • Recycling logistics (logistics for used equipment, waste materials)

Transportation operation for large-scale equipment including plants

From small components through to large-scale equipment

Regardless of the size of the cargo, we can propose the optimal transportation method and route in accordance with our customers' needs and based on an exhaustive knowledge of the local situation and special characteristics of each country.

International integrated service for heavy goods, equipment, and machinery

We offer an integrated international logistics service from quotation through to local hand-over, based upon the particular characteristics of heavy goods and special cargo transportation.

<Features of transporting heavy loads and special cargo>

In accordance with the contract details, we conclude a support contract for necessary procedures, paperwork, and pre-loading inspection, and arrange transportation and provide advice on paperwork in accordance with the L/C.

Sea and inland transportation service including handling for the destination and via countries for ODA projects

TLS handles integrated transportation arrangements for ODA projects, which differ from the requirements for commercial cargo.

<Features of ODA project transportation>

Transportation beyond the port to the location specified by importer requires sea and inland multimodal transportation
Many regions do not have established logistics routes requires preliminary investigation and individualized handling
Official assistance cargo, unlike commercial cargo requires duty-free customs clearance procedures

(Usually this is handled by the importer; however, when the country is the importer, an agent is needed)

Major past transportation projects

Transportation project Years Origin and destination
Mobile electric substation equipment for the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq 2005 – 2007 Yokohama city ⇒ throughout Iraq
Snow removal equipment for Pakistan 2007 Sapporo city ⇒ Karachi, Pakistan
Land-mine removal vehicle for Angola 2008 Yokohama city ⇒ Rwanda
Tokyo Metro carriages 2009 – 2010 Tokyo Metro Depot ⇒ Indonesia
Rig (ocean base for offshore deepwater gas drilling)/Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company 2010 – 2011 Singapore ⇒ Egypt
Garbage collection vehicles (100) for the Dhaka City Council, Bangladesh 2010 Yokohama city ⇒ Dhaka, Bangladesh
Motorcycles (600) for the Iraqi police 2009 Yokohama city ⇒ UAE ⇒ Iraq
Road construction equipment for Afghanistan 2014 Kobe city ⇒ Afghanistan
Electric substation equipment for the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq 2018 – 2021 Various countries ⇒ Iraq

Destination countries of major past transportation projects